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Own your authentic voice. Make compelling work. Be the artist you want to be.


START the Conversation

  • You've been yearning to create art for a long time and how to start is proving difficult

  • You want to loosen up your expression and make artwork that's more abstract

  • You'd like to have a signature artist voice and be confident about your artwork

  • You're looking for guidance to go to the next level as a practicing professional artist

I get it!

The one-on-one attention and cohesive in-depth study of an Artist Mastery program allows you to successfully achieve:

  • Depth of expression that defines your voice

  • Mastery of technical skill to convey your unique spirit

  • Confidence needed to stand strong in your artistic identity

Knowing WHAT you are inspired by and HOW visual grammar communicates your distinctive voice, draws people to your work


“October: Interstate 70” | Artist Mastery Guide, Marianne Mitchell


“October: Interstate 70” Watercolor, 22” x 30”

“Lemon Fog” | Artist Mastery Guide, Marianne Mitchell


“Lemon Fog” Acrylic, 40” x 60”

“Island” Oil, | Artist Mastery Guide, Marianne Mitchell


“Island” Oil, 24” x 24”



Me: A Professional Abstract Fine Artist

Embracing my accomplishments as a female abstract artist has been hard won amidst the highly competitive atmosphere of art school and the art world.

Knowing what questions to ask and having answers about who I am as an artist and how to make good paintings came from years of personal searching, fueled by inherent determination.

  • What do I want to express in my work?

  • How to convey that expression?

  • What medium?

  • How to compose?

  • Is it finished?

  • Is it good?


It’s been about 10+ out of my 30+ year career that I can confidently say “I know what my work is about, I know this painting is good, and here’s why” or analyze why a painting is missing something and has miles to go before it’s “there.” 

I know to savor the ephemeral euphoria of success and be patient with the disappointment of rejection. 

I also know that knowing all of this has built a platform of authenticity upon which I stand confidently as a Whole Artist.


An authentic voice paired with technical mastery fuels the confidence to go where you want to go as an artist.

Marianne working on a piece of artwork, squeezing paint onto a canvas | Artist Mastery Guide, Marianne Mitchell




ONE YEAR transformative immersion to discover and establish your core expression, master the tools and techniques that support your artist voice, and secure the confidence and knowledge needed for attaining personal and professional aspirations as a Whole Artist.

I feel more confident about what my voice is and have a better understanding of the difference between painting everything exactly the same versus having a style and a characteristically Elise Weinrich Geary painting.  - Elise Weinrich Geary, retired dermatologist, Artist Mastery FOCUS and IMMERSION participant, Vero Beach, FL



THREE MONTHS focused on discovering and developing your core artistic expression along with addressing the skills and techniques needed to convey your unique voice


Sharing your personal development and struggles as a young artist such as trying many mediums was helpful in giving me inspiration to trust my own intuition.
- Ona Hamilton, Artist Mastery FOCUS participant, Philadelphia, PA



EIGHT SESSIONS emphasizing the WHY and WHAT behind your expression and HOW this informs color and composition to communicate your distinct authentic voice.


I wanted to loosen up my voice in oil pastels and these (8) hours gave me just that!
- Lisa Sinicki, Writer, Artist Mastery LIFT participant, Atlanta, GA

Marianne pointing out a part of a painting | Artist Mastery Guide, Marianne Mitchell
Student at work in the studio | Artist Mastery Guide, Marianne Mitchell
Woman painting a piece in the studio | Artist Mastery Guide, Marianne Mitchell


Marianne has a keen sense and an ability to see what's behind the image and inside the person.  She asks the questions that not too many have answered for themselves before. Few art instructors go beyond the image and above the usual visual concerns.

 - Richard Morgenthal, Retired business owner, Artist Mastery FOCUS and IMMERSION participant, North Adams, MA


I have felt for a long time that I wanted to express myself through making art but had no idea how. Marianne is extremely gifted in getting people like me to access the artist within.

- Thea Abu El Haj, Tenured Professor, Barnard College, Artist Mastery FOCUS and LIFT participant, Philadelphia, PA

 You have given me the keys to "me."

Amy Bernhardt, Professional artist, Artist Mastery FOCUS and LIFT participant, Deer Isle, ME

I want to do work I can stand behind, feel good about and not care who likes it and who doesn’t. I’m really excited about my art future and working through a lot of art issues with Marianne, technical and emotional, has given me faith that I will achieve my goals.

Catherine Musham, Retired psychologist, Artist Mastery IMMERSION participant, Vero Beach, FL


Complimentary Conversation

45 Minutes devoted to sharing your artistic aspirations and learning how I can help you achieve your artistic and personal goals 

I am far more observant today than when I first started working with Marianne.  She taught me how to use "reckless abandonment" to begin a painting and then investigate where that abandonment might lead me. 

- Gerrie Grossman - Psychologist and painter, Monhegan Artists Retreat, 2012


All programs are available in person and/or video conferencing

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