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Own your authentic voice. Make compelling work. Be the artist you want to be.

I love weaving together a supportive community in workshops

There is an exciting intensity when a group of strangers are all seeking personal knowledge and artistic instruction. Within this experience vulnerability and “aHa!” moments are shared by all!


2019 - 2020 workshops:

Art Students League Denver

Oil Pastels Into Abstraction

 October 22-24, 2019


Scottsdale Artists School

Painting into Abstraction

November 5-8, 2019


Vero Beach Museum of Art

Painting into Abstraction

February WINTER 2020


FIne line creative art center

Opening the Realm of Abstraction

June 12-14, 2020


Monhegan Artists Retreat

Hosted by “me” on Monhegan Island, Maine

A week spent transported by the magic of Monhegan Island, a Sold Out event every year

Next Monhegan Artists Retreat - August SUMMER 2020 - SOLD OUT



Being A Whole Artist Tribe - An intimate online live experience of discussion, critique and support for post Artist Mastery participants
Becoming A Whole Artist Tribe - An intimate online live experience of instruction and discussion for expansive, deep thinking artists looking for a like-minded community

Launching in January 2020

marianne mitchell shows a concept on her macbook | Artist Mastery Guide, Marianne Mitchell
students collaborate and laugh while away at a workshop in New Mexico | Artist Mastery Guide, Marianne Mitchell

You have the ability to take complicated things and make them simple, and to do that for a class of 16 people, and make them all feel good about what they are doing, is pretty amazing!

- Carolyn Burkhardt-Padgett, Oil Pastels into Abstraction, Art Students League Denver



Not only do you help people with their art, you also, through art, touch who they ARE. And that is a unique and valuable gift.

- Judy Rubin, Painting into Abstraction, Scottsdale Artists School

You articulated your process so well while giving us 'permission' to follow our personal path and explore. You are inspiring, and so inclusive!

- Kim Galligan, Painting into abstraction, Vero Beach Museum of Art


There’s a special quality of Light and enlightenment you bring to each group. It's an invisible yet very powerful pull and sense of safety, making creativity and personal worth accessible for those you attract. Through you as our alchemist we as a community can access that thinner veil, and it is Real Magic. 

- Marjie Anderson, Monhegan Artists Retreat, Artist Mastery FOCUS participant, Denver, CO


Complimentary Conversation

45 Minutes devoted to sharing your artistic aspirations and learning how I can help you achieve your artistic and personal goals 

Marianne embraced my journey with no ulterior expectations. Her agenda was one of total support - to make it all about discovering me.

- Stacy Lewis, Artist Mastery FOCUS participant, Denver, CO